What are Cable Tray?

Cable trays, also known as cable trays, are systems that carry the energy required by the buildings, communication, and cable types that transmit the current required for signal and data systems in a safe and orderly manner. The main purpose of cable tray systems is to keep the cable groups they contain safe and to protect the cables against flames for a long time in case of fire. For this, they get a production permit after passing certain tests and experiments.

The main standard areas of cable trays; material quality, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, ability to remain functional for a long time in case of fire, impact resistance and resistance under flame.

What are the Types of Cable Tray?

Different types of cable ducts are produced according to the needs. The main types of cable ducts; They are in the form of perforated type cable trays, ladder type cable trays, non-perforated type cable trays, wire type cable trays, trunking cable trays, ship type cable trays and EMT pipes.

Standart Type Cable Trays
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